Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Second Grade Power Point Presentations.....Wow!!!

I am so amazed by how much my little ones can do using technology. If it involves a computer or tablet, my kiddos can tackle it. I have witnessed the power of technology this year as my school system implemented BYOT (bring your on technology). Yeah....I was skeptical at first....didn't quite know what would happen when my students walked through the door with a plethora of devices, but we have muddled through the year and learned a little more day by day. Oh yeah, we learned by making plenty of mistakes, but by the end of the year even the most naive students were fairly proficient with technology.
First.....We chose a state to research. This is the foldable we used to organize the information on our state. We used an encyclopedia to research states.

Next.....When the first group of students finished, I had them gather around the computer as I demonstrated how to use the Microsoft Power Point program. They caught on very quickly and went to work creating their own presentation. Once a slide was created for each area on the foldable, I called them back to the computer to demonstrate how to copy and paste images to go with each slide.
As the other students finished they sat with a student at a computer to watch what was going on. Fortunately, we were also scheduled for the computer lab so we were able to save our presentations to our school's user drive and move to the lab to work.....Very nice since it was going to take FOREVER to complete twenty presentations on my five classroom computers. In thirty minutes, everyone had the slides made with images! Unbelievable!!!
Then.......The next day we made revisions and jazzed up the slides. By this time, my kiddos had discovered how to add special effects to the slides. One student added a hyperlink to a video of his state's song! Can I tell you that I was AMAZED!!!

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  1. It's amazing how much our students know about technology...and how little credit we give them! Great lesson!
    Mrs. Miller’s Monkey Business